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Kabel Ankündigung Ausfall aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten (01.08.)

Kabel Ankündigung Ausfall aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten (02.08.)


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Docsis offline. New customer
Hi, I am a new customer. I received the Vodafone station, followed the instruction on setting up. (essentially connecting the coaxial cable and power cable). But the Internet LED is blinking red continuously without internet

Is there any further steps I needed to do. 

I tried reconnecting all wires, resetting the router.

Disturbance of cable internet services
  • In which state do you live? Please also send the zip code Berlin
    • 13055
  • Which contract do you have?
    • Red Internet & Phone 250 Cable
  • Which modem / router do you use? (e.g. Hitron)
    • Vodafone Station TG3442DE
  • Do you use a loaner device from us or do you have your own device ?
    • From Vodafone
  • What is the error ?
    • DOCSIS offline, No internet
  • How is your terminal with the modem connected ? 
    • WIFI
  • Which browser do you usually use? 
    • Chrome
  • Which operating system do you have on your computer? 
    • Used Iphone to connect
  • Start and period of the disturbance:
    • New customer was never able to connect
  • Upload a screenshot of the signal values . IMG_1029.jpg
  • IMG_1028.jpg


























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Hello shenalsenarath,


we will be happy to check this for you. Please send me a PN  with the name of the contract holder, the date of birth, the full address and the customer number.


After that, please leave a short feedback here.


Best regards, Martin

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