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DSL line not working

I have an issue with my DSL connection. I had technician appointment yesterday, he came and did some checking and left saying that its done. I tried connecting my router/modem to the line after that. I figured out that DSL line is not working as Power/DSL blinks on the device. When tried configuring the device on the url, i get a timeout error. Tried this multiple times with MIC code and username password both. Its still not working. Its been more than 20 hours but the DSL option is still blinking on router. 


Can someone provide any information here?

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Hi Ruchi,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


Did you call us in order to open a technical ticket already? I assume that we need another appointment with the technician here.


If not you can send a private message to me. I need yoour name, customer number and your mobile phone number.






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