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DSL is connected, but only few websites are reachable

Hello everyone.

I'm having an issue similar to this post  , my Fritzbox 7530 shows everything is connected and it seems to work fine.


I already reconfigured the box with my MIC, but still facing the same issue.


I barely speak German, so the hotline for me wasn't very helpful to describe the issue.

I noticed that some websites redirect me to push


MTR says that the ip 2003: 08401: 7000 :: 1 is losing packets a lot ...


Anyway, Google search works fine, Vodafone Website can't be reached, twitter also can't, slack and others ..


Anything I can do or should I keep trying in the hotline?



Thanks in advance.

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Hi @thiagotr ,


Welcome to the Vodafone community.


I'm sorry that you're having restrictions on your connection. Verlegener Smiley


The best thing to do is to send me a private message with your customer details. Then I'll take a look at your line and the dial-up data.


Just click on my avatar and then go to "Sende eine private Nachricht".


Best regards,


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