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DSL To Cable

Is bit hard for me to speak German for me and everytime that I request on the hotline to speak in English the agent just refuses to do so and says that I should post on this forum, I requested my address change and the change from DSL to Cable without any problem, (when selling the agents are willing to speak English) however I got an email that I need to confirm some data before setting my installation.


Please let us know on which day of the week (Monday to Friday) the connection at your old address should be switched off and switched on in the new address. Any day of the week
Please also let us know what type of house it is (single-family house, apartment building, semi-detached house) and on which floor your new apartment is located - see also page 2. Apartment
We would also like to know whether you would like to move while keeping your old tariff and the old contract period - a one-time moving fee of 39.99 euros will then be charged - or whether you would like to move to a new tariff with a new contract period of 24 Months wish. New contract
We look forward to your call.


I hope that anyone in this community could help me and understand the way I feel


Thanks in advance

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Hello RodrigoGarcia,


I'm sorry you didn't get an English speaking agent on the phone.


The best way is to inform us about your move through our moving service. There you can also give us all the details of your contract.

Best regards

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