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DSL Disconnected, Can NOT reconnect


I need help in English please, no DSL and my wife and I use it to work! I am a customer since June of 2020.


Around 10:50 AM on 1/14 while my wife and I were working, the DSL stopped working. After waiting some time i went through all of the tutorials to reconnect. Powered router off over 3 minutes, waited 15 minutes, checked all connections. It is 1/15 and there is still no connection.

I can connect to the router, there are no problems there, the DSL is flashing, the router is not receiving. All the phone numbers are in German and unfortunately, I can't speak German. I need a tech please, thank you!

Should I give my phone number here? Please please please, we need help!

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Hi Jeremy39,


I'm sorry that you can not use your DSL connection.


I will check the line and open a technical ticket.


Please send me a private message with your name, customer number and mobile phone number.


Please tell me which modem you are using and which LED is blinking in which colour.




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