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Yesterday 21/06/19 I was in a Vodafone shop at Hohe Straße in Cologne, Germany, approx. at 17:40-17:47. I wanted to make a new contract for the next 2 years for me with the price 25 eur per month (29 eur - 5 eur discount).
The first shop assistant was nice and friendly, but then unfortunately another associate took over.
I do not know what happened there, somehow something didn’t work either your system or my card, but contract could not be closed. Your associate seemed to be not interested to get a new client, and advised me to check with my bank. (By the way everything is ok with my bank card, I made a contract with O2 immediately after this case and everything worked). Then another worker has told him that he has to check with the other computer. And he made it but it did not work also. I have said to him : you seem to be not interested , could you tell me you name ? He told : no, why? I told : I m not satisfied with the service and I want to write a comment later about this situation. He: no I will not give you my name. I: I need to know your name. He: write a comment about Vodafone, not about me personally. I: I just need your name. He: go away from here (gehen sie weg). I: what ? (I was so surprised I thought I have heard something not right)He: go away. I will call the police now. I : I just need you name. He: I m going to call the police. and he left. Then his colleague who was busy with another clients also told me : go away from here. Then the associate was back with the name badge under the T shirt.

During this time my child was on my hands and started to cry.

Could you please comment this situation? Is that normal, when I ask the name of the worker, they are telling me go away and threatening with the police ? What was it? I m sorry to say this, but are they wild there? Have they ever heard about customer service ? Does someone control them ?
That doesn’t matter about what I want to write a comment: about Vodafone, about worker personality or service, about cleanliness of the shop, they do not have a right to speak with a person (moreover with a potential customer) like this. I didn’t say anything insulting or disturbing, I just needed the name, that is why everyone has a name badge in all shopS, hotels and restaurants.

I faced it for the first time in my life, that someone in the shop in the centre of the big city says to me : go away! I will call the police. This is nonsense. Could you please check this situation and give me a detailed reply: is that a daily situation in Vodafone company ? I don’t know the name of that person who served me as you could understand , but he had a beard and was in Kasse at approx. 17:45 - you could check with your cameras.

I think there is no need to add that neither me nor someone from my family will never choose Vodafone.
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Hi Kamilla, this is tough stuff! I am nothing more than a Vodafone client as you and I have just read your complaint accidentially and this is really tough, tough stuff. Generally here in Germany if you are looking for good and proper service you immediately feel like somone seeking water in the desert, especially in the area of telecommunications. There are only 3 or 4 provider and the service of all of them is insufficient at least. As I told you, I am just another client, so I can only tell you that I feel with you and that I hope someone will come along here who can speak for the company and will find an explanation for the indecent behavior of this salesman and who will apologize. But don’t get too mad about this idle bugger, it does not help you anyway!

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Hi Kamila_sch,


it is an important goal for us to meet expectations in terms of service, competence and friendliness.

This also means that the employees in the Vodafone Shop are available as competent and courteous contact persons for questions and requests.


I very much regret that you obviously experienced it differently. Please excuse.


Can I do something for you here?


Kind regards



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