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Cancel current contract or and over contract to new tenant

I am having problems with customer service as I have not been able to reach an English speaker and I do not speak German.


I am moving apartment in 1 week and want to cancel my vodafone contract as the new apartment already has a DSL contract.


I was told I need a note from the beurgeramt confirmation the move, but this is not possible my my appointment with them (and all appointments) was cancelled due to the virus. Their online service is for emergencies only, which my case is not.


Therefore I want to know if there is any other way to cancel my contract due to moving apartment?


If this is not possible, can I get instructions on how to move the contract over the the new tenant?





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Hi peterhp,


is the connection and bandwidth you are using right now available at the new address?


If not you can cancel the contract with a lead time of 3 months beginning from the day when you move. Just use our contact form and tell us the new address and the date you are moving.


If the bandwidth is technically available and you want to cancel your contract early, we reserve the right to charge a compensation payment.


The amount of the payment depends on the current contract period.


Maybe the next tenant in your current home can take over your contract. Then you won't have to pay. Fill out this form with the new contract partner and send it to the contact details given:  






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