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Can't setup easybox 804 after technician visit


I have an easybox 208.

Yesterday the technician came to the connection for my new internet contract. 

He tested the connection and left.

I set up the easy box with the MIC code, everything worked perfect for 5 minutes. 

Then the internet connection was lost, in the easy box. 

I tried everything at this point, unplugged and plugged back, tried with cable, tried rebooting, tried waiting. 

As a last option, I reseted the easy box with the little button by the power cord. 

After this, the easybox configuration was lost and when I tried to configure it again, I keep getting a message saying:

"Please plug the DSL into the dedicated port on EasyBox" which is already connected. 


Again tried everything, unpluged, power, phones cable. waited. Tried several times. Tried reseting the easy box again. Nothing worked. 


Search for help online, I found the self ussing troubleshooting tool. Finished the process with all the plugs and unpluges as instructed, did not work. 

Did it a few times, did not work. 


Created 2 or 3 support tickets explaining my problem. Always get the same reply, that I need to call the support line. 


Speak. Speak the speak, speak, speak, speak. 

The former was very nice and tried to help me in english. 


We went through the usual, plug, unplug, wait protocol, it did not work, internet ligh is off, it never blues, or turns red, it's just off. 


This agent offered to create a techincal support ticket, and told me to call me in english.

Speak I have the call and the agent did not speak 


This is very frustating, i understand this is english and customer support is english, but i can speak at least some english. 


When setting up the contract it was a problem, the salespeople always could talk in english. 


Now I have 2 years, I can not support you. 


I do not know what else to do. 


Only thing I see "Please plug the DSL into the dedicated port on EasyBox"


I'm pretty sure there is a problem with the easy box or the wiring to the vodafone network, but I can not seem to get to this. 


Please help. 

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Hi davaor,


welcome to the Vodafone-Community!


I´m sorry that you had this experience Smiley (wütend)



Please send me your customer details via PN and I´ll take a look.


Don't forget to include your current mobile phone number if it`s necessary to call you back


It is possible that one of my colleagues will answer because I cannot answer my PN´s until Thursday.


Kind regards



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