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Berlin Moabit - Unterbrechungen/Störungen im Internet , großer Paketverlust

Dear Vodafone team;

We have had major problems with the Internet since Sunday. It just breaks several times a day for no reason - there is no internet connection or anything like that. We tried to get it back through all the suggested steps, unplugging from the socket, waiting, even a hard reset, but nothing helps. We're getting the internet back, but it's impossible to play online games or watch movies. In games, for example, everything is delayed. We also had big issues with video calling and calling over data. As soon as we switch to mobile internet, it works normally.

We use Red Internet & Phone 250 Kabel - Tariff
Our device is Sagemcom Broadband (KabelBox -E49 - FAST5460

This is acceptable as we recently switched our tariff for this stronger tariff to make sure we have the best connectivity, but it seems we cannot rely on it.

I read that Vodafone sends a technician home to replace or repair the device - and then you get a bill for 99 euros. We won't pay that!
We expect what we pay month to month to work.

For this reason, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

We are in Berlin, Moabit - and we see that other people here in Berlin are writing the same thing.


I don't speak German so I asked a translator for help.


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Here's speed, and I can't even open web pages normally .... every time I test the speed it shows that the speed is good, but when I want to make calls or play games it's impossiblScreenshot 2020-09-21 at 22.08.45.png

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Hi DracoExplosion,


this is no chat. We awnser chronological. I think the problems at the moment have to do with this:


Kind regards


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