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200mbps cable plan, but only receiving 90mbps.

Today I spent 2h trying to contact vodafone to solve my internet issues. After hours
of fighting on the menu (because I don't speak german), the operator said that they
are not allowed to speak in english with me.
I was calling 0800 52 666 25.
If there is no way to speak english to solve my situation, I will cancel my internet
I have 200mbps plan, but I only have 90mbps (after doing speed test)
I am using my computer directly on the vodafone router, also tried to reset the
router, unplug for few minutes, nothing is working to increase the speed.

Upload is normal around 10mbps.
How can I proceed?
Is anyone available to call me on my mobile number and speak in english?
If not, what I should do to cancel my contract?

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Hello radicalrj,


the colleagues on the hotline are not obliged to speak English with you. This is also no reason for termination Smiley (zwinkernd)


Have you tested your Gigabit Ethernet connection? Is the connection in this area around the clock?


Best regards Fred

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