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"your call cannot be completed", also cannot call the service


I got my Callya vodafone number from last September and I almost have used for 10 months, but this week when I want to call someone, I got a "your call cannot be completed, please contact customer service immediately for further info" answer instead. But I cannot call anyone, including 1212. I cannot also receive any call or short message, and I cannot use internet neither. And I cannot login in my account from app, I can only login from website. I really do not know what happened.

Could you help me please? I would really appreciate if someone could help me. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @MissRachel,


I will be happy to check the status in your Account.

Please send me a PM with the mobile Number and the topic.


I will take care of it and get back to you.


Best Regards


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