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My SIM card was suddenly terminated

Just this week, my CallYa SIM card is not working properly to access the internet, make or receive calls. After my friend asked the customer service, the customer service said that the card has been discontinued and there is still an unused balance on this card, and he said that this balance cannot be transferred either.

I would like to request Vodafone to provide a reasonable explanation for this incident and return my balance as well as the charges for the time period that affected the usage.


Number: ***


Community Team: Removed phone number

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If a card is not used for a prolonged time, the card will be deactivated. The Balance however can be paid out to your bank account as long as you authenticate yourself as card owner.


Only exception:

You had not topped up the card and it still only has its initial balance or any kind of promotional balance - this will not be paid out.


And another thing to note:

If you did not complete the ID process in time, the card will also be deactivated.

Please tell me how can I transfer the balance to my bank account. I've already had another number. Thanks


Hello @Haotian


please send me for the payout a PN with the mobile Number and the IBAN Number of you.


I will take care of it and get back to you.


Many Greetings



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Hi Grautvornix,

I've already sent you a Privatenachricht, please check 🙂