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(MXxR06) 86159 Augsburg Poor 4G Internet connection indoors

Good evening,


Today I suddenly got an issue: I started having very poor internet connection inside my apartment, through it is completely ok outside. I only have to do 1 step outside my room to get normal 4G, but when i return, network speed decreases back to 1mb/s (I own CallYa Black). I live on Firnhaberstraße 12A, 86159, Augsburg.


Is there any way to do something with the problem asap? Also, I've already tried basic recommendations.


Yours sincerely,




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Hi Viacheslav_,


welcome to the forum!

I can't find any faults or work in the address at the moment, so the question is whether it has always not worked indoors there or only suddenly since today?


Many greetings


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The 4G cells at your location were down from 7.12. 12am until 11:26pm

Planned work with Z_NEV00514568A

After this all is ok.

Please check and if ok set to cleared.

Bei guter Leistung freue ich mich über ein Danke (Daumen hoch)

Kein Support via PN !!
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