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Wifi activation for 1000mbps internet (Model No: CGA6444VF)

Hello team,

I am writing this letter to seek some help with regards to my internet activation at home. I have been here in Germany for about a month now and I got a DSL contract from Vodafone. I recieved a router a few days ago and followed all the steps to install the device as demonstrated in the manual. But I am not getting any internet connection so far on my 4th day (the red light on "Internet" just keeps flashing. So at this point, my question is can somebody arrange for a technician to have a look at my case? Or do I need to wait for a few more days then Vodafone just gives me a contact via email or something?

Based on my heavy research on the internet, I understand that I need to call the service centre to make an appointment for a technician visit to activate my internet. I tried to talk to the customer service through the phone but the service guy just hung up on me due to my lack of knowledge of German. It is quite embarrassing. I would definitely learn German soon and solve issues myself in the future but at this stage, I would really love some help on this issue! Could you give me a hand, please?



EDIT: @04K post moved to cable

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Hello 04K,

we can still help you here. But please note that from 15.08 no more PNs can be sent to the MODs.

But I still like to commission the technician for you.

Please send me a PN with your customer data (name, address, customer number and date of birth).

Then please contact me again here, if you have sent me the data.

Kind regards


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Hello Moni,


Thank you so much for reaching out. I have just sent you a private message about my personal information. Please kindly check and let me know if you have any further questions. Have a great day!





Hi @04K,


i created a ticket for you, my colleagues should contact you 🙂





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