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Regular / Daily Service Outages - English Speaking Assistance

Hi All,


I am a Vodefone Red Internet & Phone 1000 Cable customer, and like many of you, have been experiencing almost daily outages. I was wondering if there was a way to connect with an English Speaking Support Technician via this forum. If so, please contact me via private message to discuss solutions.


Essentially, my modem loses connection to the greater network daily between 20:00 and 21:00 CET. This is not always associated with loss of DHCP Address / connection to the CMTS but occasinally that is the case. The outage typically lasts between 1 - 6 hours. Rebooting the modem or powering down the modem for a period of 15+ muinutes and then restarting, seems to have no effect on the outage. I have tried various configurations of IPv6 settings, manually assigning DNS server entries and swapping modems, without success. 


Most recently, I was running a ping -t and caught the failure with some interesting results. Essentially, packets are either not being routed correctly to/from the internet backbone, not escaping the Kable-Deutschland/Vodefone Network or being blocked on the return path. As this is a regular issue that persists despite having an assigned DHCP Address, my guess is that there is some peice of networking equipment that is failing due to load (such as the a switch / router at the edge of the Kable-Deutschland/Vodefone subnet) which must be rebooted to clear a locked up routing table or ACL.


At this point, I am fairly certain that this is a known issue and would appreciate it if an engineer could provide me with a time frame for resolution. Furthermore and if a timely resolution is not possible, I would appreciate Vodefone to either adjust my contact or allow me to terminate it without prejudice.




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Hi JiminyLumox,


let us prove the connection. Please send me your name, address, day of birth and customer number by PN. Please also let me know here if you have sent the message.


Kind regards


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Feel sorry for your situation...Mine is same situation. 

Vodafone service is extremly Bad and does not improve...All the best


Max we can do is to wait for the contract to be over and then kick them off!