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Poor Quality Internet Connection - Hannover

Hi Team,


Apologies for posting in English but my German is quite bad and I only moved to Germany in February.


We signed up for a Vodafane Kabel 1000 Internet Package and have been facing connection issues since Day 1. We have contacted the call centre multiple times for a solution and have been unable to obtain a clear solution. We have had techinicians visit who claim there is no issues with the connection. We are not sure on what else we need to do to resolve this issue. Additionally, we have also been charged for a "Vodafone Sicherheitspake" in certain months for 3.99 each.


I have run a speed test and the results for the 1000 Paket is: 

Download - 30 Mbit/s

Upload - 30 Mbit/s

Ping - 16 ms


Is it possible to cancel the contract due to the poor internet service quality OR is there anything more I can do to find a solution?




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Hello VJFS


please have a look at the thread Fit für Gigabit and test the hints there. If they don't help, send the missing details from the thread Alles rund um Störungsmeldungen. An online translator can help Smiley (fröhlich). Which speed did the technician get with his own device?


Kind regards,


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