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Not working cable network and very rude staffs

Hi there,

Hope you are well.

I am writing about my new Vodafone Cable contract - I have set up the router for a few days already but it didn't work (it keeps having the red light flashing, which indicates that it's not connecting to the network according to the user menu).

I was at the Vodafone store earlier today to ask for help. The staff scheduled a call between me and the technician at 19:29 today so he/she can guide me through the set-up. I specifically asked for an English-speaking technician,  the staff is aware of the request and he said the technician can speak English.

When the technician called, I first kindly asked if he speaks English, he said no in German and then just hung up the phone. I am very disappointed with the attitude and service of the technician, despite the fact that I made it clear with the language request and the Vodafone store's staff is aware that I don't speak German at all.

I took a day off today with short notice just to make sure I can connect with the technician and solve the problem. I am working remotely from home, so this is a big issue for me not being able to connect to the internet. 

I kindly ask if you can arrange for a technician to come to my apartment to fix it ASAP, ideally on Wednesday 14th June. Please let me know if that works.

Kind regards, 

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Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

Bitte keine Anfragen über PN stellen!

And just to make one thing clear:

As your contract only states German as contractual language, you CANNOT require having English-speaking support at all.


If you are unable to communicate in German in a sufficient way, you will need to get a translator on your own expenses. Vodafone will not accept requests other than in German.

I have similer issue the internet keep stop manytimes a day and i call to request technical home visit

but the customer service can only speak German 

Don't know how such big company don't have multi language people ? With rude artitude 

@internet-cable  schrieb:

Don't know how such big company don't have multi language people ?

For two reasons:

a) Because German is sole contractual language (and also sole main language in Germany)

b) "multi language people" are more expensive - and most people don't want to pay for this (in their eyes unneccessary) service


Keep in mind that we also don't get German support in other countries - and you won't get English support in France, Italy, China, Japan or even South Korea.