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I bought a 100 mb tariff a couple of weeks ago, router 6660. All this time the connection has been extremely slow, from 7(!) to 20 mb  tops but not even close to promised 100 mb.

Stable Internet connection is crusial for me, as I try to continue studying online in Ukrainian university. It is not possible, if I can use Zoom and Google meet only with constant interruptions and drops in connection. 

I followed all the instructions about "optimisation", nothing has changed. It is obvious that something is wrong specifically with the connection. 

I cannot use the hotline either, because I don't speak German. 

Would be grateful for any solution.

Thank you 



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Hello Kateryna_Tonia,


welcome to the community Smiley (fröhlich)


I'm sorry that the connection is so bad at the moment. We'll be happy to look into the cause of the problem. Can you please answer these points once for a better overview?


Regards Fred

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