Störungen im Kabel-Netz

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Internet disconnects almost every day

Hi, I'm sorry but I can't speak German so this post will be in English.


For many months now, my internet connection has died almost every day, especially when I'm trying to stream on Youtube/Twitch. Sometimes it dies randomly when I'm just playing games or hanging out on Discord with friends, or throughout the day when I'm working from home.
I live in Berlin and have a cable 1000/50 contract. I use an ethernet cable to connect.

I have already tried things like changing cables, resetting the router, etc... Whenever the connection dies, it dies for every device (so it's not just a cable/wifi issue). 

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Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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