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Horizon Go-App nur noch bis 30. April 2022 nutzbar


i hope someone can help me, my German is too bad and therefore I need help in English... sorry!

I am an Unitimedia customer (living in Hessen) with cable tv and we were using a lot the Hirizon go app to see TV on a window PC (that is far from where the cable tv decoder is , that is connected to another TV).


Here my questions:

What Vodafone can offer to be able to watch TV on a windows PC? 
If I buy GigaTV, will I get a way to watch TV on a normal windows pc as I was able with Horizon go-app?


Thank you, Francesco

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Hello FrancescoIT,


the GigaTV app is only available for Android and Apple.


TV experience via the GigaTV app


Many greetings,


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So it really seems that Vodafone has decomissioned Horizont TV and is not providing a replacement to stream live TV on a Windows computer as the Horizont App was able to. 

As you can guess, this sound disappointing... until there is not a different way to achieve the same target.


So, to recap:

I have TV far from the cable receiver and with no antenna, and in my family we were streaming German TV by using the Horizon App. So now I cannot do this anymore. And no way to get it.

Is this correct?

Best, Francesco


Hi FrancescoIT,


I certainly understand your disappointment.


The decision to shut down Horizon Go was not made by us but is based on the harmonization of the Vodafone and Unitymedia portfolio.


As far as we know, there will be no replacement for it.


I'm really sorry that I don't have any better information for you. Smiley (traurig)


Kind regards


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