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Die Router-LEDs blinken ständig weiß, das Internet funktioniert nicht.

Guten Tag,

Sorry for writing this in english, but my German is not the best.

Today in the morning my Vodafone Internet router stopped working and the phone, Internet and power LEDs kept flickering white. I tried to unplug from the power source, I unplugged the coaxial cable and tried to reset the router as well. After that, I used the network troubleshooting assistant and it led me to calling the customer service. At 12pm, after managing to find someone who speaks English, they opened a ticket and told me that it will take a few hours for someone to look into this issue. I let they know that me and my partner will be needing the Internet connection for work tomorrow. 5 hours later, nothing was solved. I tried to reach the customer service again, was told that I will be redirected to someone who speaks English (2 times), but nobody reached to me at all. Can you let me know what is left to do or if there is a status update on this?

Thank you!

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Hi Andreea-A,


welcome to our community.


Since 15.08, we no longer provide individual support here. Please use our other support channels if you get stuck here.


VG Wallace

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