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Cable internet wifi is not working at all. very slow speed

I am Vodafone kabel wifi customer since 3 years in Berlin area and using Internet and Phone 100 plan which have 100 MB download speed and 10 MB upload
but since I started this contract since then I have never got this desired speed for which I am paying monthly fees
always the speed test failed and shows to support people multiple times since there are no actions at all
and now the situation is this that I cannot even start a zoom call to office cant even load one page without buffering, cant stream single video this is pathetically pathetic service 
need help to resolve it

Few details as requested:

What contract do you have? Internet and Phone 100
Which modem router are you using? vodafone TG3442DE
Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device? rental device
Which error occurs? 24 7 very very low speed, High BufferBloat and high ping/latency
How is your device connected to the modem? wifi
Which browser do you usually use? Chrome
Which operating system do you have on your computer? windows
Start and duration of the disruption: since the beginning
In which state do you live? Berlin

Check the results of speed test

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Keine Ahnung von welchen Server Standort du den Speedtest durchgeführt hast, könnte aus den USA sein Besser du nutzt

Dort wird du mit dem besten Server aus deiner Umgebung verbunden. Der Test ergibt nur einen Sinn wenn du mit LAN verbunden bist. WLAN ist schlecht.


Auch wäre es von Vorteil deine kompletten Docsis Pegel im Up- sowie Download zu posten.

Userban wg. wiederholter Missachtung der Forenregeln. Gruß, das Mod-Team

image.pngHere is the test from your given site. 

server it could connect is from Berlin. 
From 100 Mbps what I am getting is 20 Mb speed - which is 80% less for the same amount of money every month. 

As you suggsted, if at all I need to connect to router all the time for internet speed then what for I bought "WIFI" service. 
then I will have to sit next to router for whole life for using internet. 

how could vodafone resolve the wifi issue then 


WLAN ist schwierig und immer abhängig von der Umgebung und Endgeräte.

Bitte docsis Pegel posten

Userban wg. wiederholter Missachtung der Forenregeln. Gruß, das Mod-Team

There is no guaranteed speed via WLAN because it depends on many factors. If you're living in Berlin, chances are that there are a lot of other users in your vicinity interfering with the signal. Is the speed via LAN ok?