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2.4 GHz connection problems / 5 ghz works fine

The 2,4GHz network is not working at all. Devices that support only 2,4GHz cannot connect to the router. 5GHz and ethernet connection work perfectly. This is a new router, sent to our home two weeks ago. The 2,4 GHz network only shows up for an hour or two after someone at Vodafone does an update or completely cancels our internet and reinstates it. Our previous router worked fine for more than a year. On a WLAN Radar tab, the chart is completely empty for 2,4GHz. For 5G I can see devices and channels as usual. I assume this is the device problem. We currently have a Vodafone Station, the SSIDs are split with different names and have a password, connection through WPS also does not work for 2,4 GHz network. We cannot move the router as there is only one place in our flat to connect. 


What I was trying: Restart, Reset to factory settings, splitting or not splitting the SSID, changing frequencies in any combinations. The reset to factory was done before and after splitting the SSID.

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Seit dem 15.8.22 ist der individuelle Support durch VF Moderatoren eingestellt.


Einen Support durch einen VF Mod erhältst du ausschließlich über die lizenzierten Spionagekanäle Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter und Apple iBusiness.

Alternativ, die BNAG.

Netter Versuch. User bereits gesperrt. Doppelaccount angelegt und direkt wieder gesperrt
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Hello Szoky,


Did you get help via Facebook / Twitter?


Greetings Jana

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