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Vodafone DSL for internet is not working


I have recently bought a Vodafone DSL Easybox 805 internet 1 day ago and today internet has stopped working. Only red light is up under Internet indicator in the router. I have tried resetting the router and other possibilities `but nothing worked out. SInce I'm workign from home issue needs to be fixed as early as possible. I have managed to raise a ticket already

ticket number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My Mobile: xxxxxxx


I believe the issue might be with the DSL connectivity. Kindly assign a technician to look into this asap.



Edit: Ticket number and phone number deleted. Do not post data publicly.

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Hey srid88,

I'm sorry to hear that your landline stopped working.
This a customers helping customers community.

If you've opened a technical ticket (and did not recieve any kind of information that it got closed) , my colleages from the technical department will have a look into it as asoon as possible.

Please be patient.


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