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Vdsl upgrade nightmare

Hi everyone 


I've upgraded my contract from dsl 16 to vdsl 100, the date scheduled to upgrade the line was today and ever since the technician confirmed the change I am unable to acess the Internet 


Yes, I've followed all the troubleshooting and tried to add my new mic code provided by email , after factory reseting the router ( 7530ED)  and follow all the procedures including manual configuration trough both the Vodafone app GeyConnected and my fritzbox menu on the desktop 


The router page shows connection to the line and I can see the speed showing up with 111mb download and 36mb upload, however when added the mic code the set up does not happen and connections times out , I am also being prompted with a page on the WiFi connection from proving me an impressum and a code to send to the operator "Leitungs-ID"


I do not speak German and I'm struggling right now, called Vodafone help line more than 20 times , managed to get to an operator to be hang up every time as soon I say I speak english, I'm working from home and had to use data to be able to work, which now resulted into 50 euro extra expense (as I am not using any German mobile number since I live in the border and work in another country )


I managed to get the an English help line however I was told its for business clients only 


Can someone from Vodafone support activate my router or direct me to an English help line? 



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Icarus1,


I'm sorry for this bad experience. 😞

Let me help you. Please send me a private message with the following data:

-customer number

-full name

-full address

-date of birth


I'll get back to you asap.


Best regards


Bewertet hilfreiche Beiträge mit Likes!


I just want to leave this testimony here for everyone to read following up my original post 


After the technician failed to show up and no follow up call or message from Vodafone I am now since 29th November without service , I went today to a Vodafone store in Trier where one of the Vodafone clerks connected to the help line and explained the situation, and then the UNTHINKABLE happened 


After the clerk (who is a Vodafone representive) gave my costumer number and ticket number to the operator, the hotline "lady" asked if the router had been reset , the Vodafone representive explained the situation and told the lady from the help line that we had already did all the testing before with the hotline, that a technician appointment had been set by Vodafone hotline. He explained the fault had been determined with the line/router and that the technician had failed to show up on the date perovided in the e-mail/ticket hence the reason for his call


The lady was absolutely disrespectful and start to cut the Vodafone clerk, telling him that we had to do the router reset, again I explained and so did he that we had already done all the resets and follow up set by step guides on both GetConnected app and myfritzbox router page! We explained further that the hotline had tried to fix the issue remotely and I should not get a message from Telekom when tried to login on my router page, she cut us off to tell us we didn't do it properly and that we most likely didn't even knew how to add the MIC number! Making assumptions, raising her voice in the process, again I explained the lady that we got a second mic number from the hotline and didn't work, that the hotline already had verified the issue was not on our end hence the technician appointment being set by Vodafone hotline.


Now....on this stage she didn't listen, raised her voice again to her own colleague and kept insisting we are not doing the setup properly and that if we want a technician we have to pay!!!!! Both me and the Vodafone clerk where left speechless,  she continue to raise her voice and.... hung up!!!! 


Now this is what I call a costumer service Vodafone 👏🏻  bravo 👏🏻 


I am now on 80 euros of data consumption,  a trip to trier wasted and the bill will keep increasing, plus a day off work taken to be able to be home all day for the technician to not show up


But this "professional lady"  not only denied us and her own colleague a chance to resolve the issue, left me desperate and defeated with no solution , the Vodafone clerk and his colleagues in the store tried again but after 30 min waiting time I had to leave to pick up my son.


I want to say that I've never had experienced something so abhorrent like this and will cancel my contract with Vodafone while at the same time will get information on how I can claim compensation for all this, I am schoked, frusated and feeling discriminated as we perceived the fact we do not speak german prompted her hostile behaviour even towards her own colleague


I have messaged you in private with my information, but share this message with your leadership to see how your lines are treating costumers , acess the recording of this particular call and use it to train your hot line representatives of how not to treat a costumer