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Stuttering and lag on audio/video calls and remote desktop on Vodafone DSL

Hello Vodafone Community,


Sorry I'm having to write in English my German is not that good yet. I have taken a new connection with Vodafone (GIGA DSL 16). My connection has started from 05.12.2022.

There are no problems with browsing, streaming video etc. But I am having severe issues with audio/video calls on all platforms: Teams, Messenger, Whatsapp, my work VOIP phone etc. Also since I work from home I connect to my office VPN and use remote desktop. I have severe stuttering on remote desktop as well.

My previous internet provider was Deutsch Telekom. I used it for 2 years. I never had such issues with A/V calls and remote desktop. The line was also the same 16Mbits DSL.
I really hope someone from Vodafone will be able to assist me in this regard as I am facing lots of difficulties in my work, I cannot listen to meetings properly because of lag/voice cut off/stuttering and remote desktop stutters so much it is impossible to work.
As I mentioned before these issues are happening with the new connection, these did not happen before at all.
Will appreciate some swift assistance in this regard.

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Hey tahmid,

I'm sorry to hear that your landline is not performing well.
Are the VOIP services working , as long as your not connected to your corporate vpn?

Are the speedchecks ( within the contracts margin?

As long as the bandwith is ok, its hard to open a technical ticket.

If these hiccups occur only while beeing connected to the vpn , this may be some kind of routing issue.


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