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MIC that I have received for my DSL rotor activation does not work


I should actually have access to my new DSL connection. A text message came directly from Vodafone. The technician didn't come, according to telephone support there was a remote switch!

Now I've been trying in vain to set up the router for hours, in vain. MIC has been entered securely. So far I have come to this message:

Your EasyBox is currently being set up.

Please do not turn off the device


This has been standing for hours now. I connected everything and followed the instructions but nothing works. All the lights on the EasyBox are green, so I can't detect any problems. Even when setting it up, the lights are always green.


Is it normal that the setup takes so long? What could be the problem?

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Hi rihab :).

Well that isnt normal. We should take a closer look into this matter together! Feel free to contact us via one of the other channels. (e.g. via Facebook / X by direct message).

Best Regards


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Thank you for your response but I have already connected the support team and they told me that i should have a new appointment with technical stuff so that they can activate the internet in my hause , i tried to have another appointment with technical stuff but it stay in the status '' the order could not be completed on the planned date, there will be a new date'' it has 3 days in this status ... 

Customer support can also help you with this. Please try again. 

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