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EasyBox 805 is not activated

Hello! I can only speak English. I connected my DSL & Phone 250 tariff, the term of a technical specialist on October 6, but on September 26 a router came to me, I connected it as in the instructions, after entering my MIC during activation, I have an inscription for more than a day: "The activation of your EasyBox is in progress.
Please do not turn off the device." I tried to reset the router, tried to connect via a LAN cable, nothing helped. All the lights are green in static mode. There is still no Internet and this inscription remains. I have not replenished my Internet account yet, maybe be a problem with that?wished the internet worked and didn't have to wait so long...
Tell me what can be done? Still have to wait for a technician? And can he solve this problem? Thanks

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Hey ZHoloto,

the router will normally be sent roughly 10 days , before the landline gets activated.

If i get your post right , the activation date from the welcome letter is the 6th october?
Your login credentials will only get accepted once the technician did set everything up.

So right now its perfectly fine , that you can't set up the router - since the device is not getting a proper dsl signal.


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