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Am sorry for the english language but I'm get frustrated.I signed a contract for dsl on 5th October , after problems after problems I finally got an appointment for an technician on the 8th December(today) and 23rd December( I don't know why I got 2 letters)and obviously he did not show up today. How will I be sure he will come on 23rd?
I really don't want to be without internet during holidays. It's already been over 2 months of no progress.If anybody can help at least speed up the process or move the appointment to a closer date will be great.

Kind regards.

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Nobody is able to speed up the process...

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Nobody can speed up the process. But the canceled or not appearing technician can be reprimanted by the Bundesnetzagentur (german authority for communication). 

When you want a tip: Cancel the contract (the cancellation period first starts on the day when your telefon connection is provided/ provisionised). 

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