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Letter to Vodafone about abuse me

Sorry that i will write in english


reason to write:

Vodafone respect you, if u thier costomer only🙄🙄, the Show no responsibilty if mobiles bought by them. 



Got asamsung fold 2 from Vodafone costomer, sadly for no reason Black ink spread from hinge connect  the 2 displays. IT spread and covered half of every screen. 



I suspect hinge connect Displays. IT was Not easy fold or u fold. 


What Vodafone and Samsung Did:


Samsung sent me to Vodafone and Vodafone to samsung🔄 3 times😢😢


in end:

Vodafone said they will replace IT if i bring sell contact from owner😊,  after i brought IT, they said they must Check IT, if its warranty Case or no( every fold 2 Has free 1 year care Plus)



after 100 calls and 6 different Vodafone Shops in munich( Vodafone replace Center recomended going there) no body accept to Check it🙄🙄. 



Vodafone replace Center sent me stamp to Send it to them😁. 

FINNALLY  after 100 calls and every one mislead me. 🐥(i felt im Ball every one throw IT to the other🙄🙄



today i got Email saying My fold2 consider damaged( out of warrant)  and 2 options🐒🐒

pay 800 for repair🛃 BOOM😢😢😢

Or pay 33 Euro for checking it🤔🤔


I wrote them why nö warranty? What is damaged to consider IT out of warrant??? Could u Show me pics? 


No reply for my email. 

Called them, Just same game, im Not from Service Departement) , (no Information, u are Not Vodafone costomer) 


Want to say :


Samsung fold 2 Has instable structure. which make IT easy to get scratches, Display Problem, 

Seems Samsung use poor materials  to make mobile easy damaged) then put blame in costomers🐒. 


What i want

Does any one have similar issues with fold2 or warranty? Am i the only Bad guy? 


Vodafone and Samsung made me loose Hope and trust. 

Vodafone keep wasting our  time and energy, talking to  costomer Service ( every one say other Things) 

They give me to 4 August 2021 to pay 800 Euro for repair. or Send it back and i pay 33 Euros. 

i Feel injustice, any Thing can consider out of warranty, ( as excuse).  solving people Problems Not an Option in Samsung and vodafone( im Sure My fold 2 was Not droped or damaged) 

any Suggestion? has any one same experiance? 


Adjusted font, MS

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Could it be that the extended warranty only apply to the first buyer ? 

And as i was looking for Samsung Care + ... you have to register the phone to it first etc... 

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The warranty is for product Not owner. Vodafone say go to Samsung and Samsung say its Vodafone mobile😁😁😁😁😁

Nö respect

Samsung  said that care Plus is seller responsibility( even Not registered)

If u buy direct from Samsung care Plus active with no register🙄


How u give free 1 year care Plus for free ( this for every fold). then give excuses Not to Do it( dirty way of Deal) 

Its only games ( 1 year care Plus with every fold) then if Not registered nö care plus😂😂

I called today 3 Times vodafone


They reject to speak to me as im Not avodafone costomer( * )

The 4 time told me. ( i See ur Case but i Dont know What to Do)


Costomer call Service is away to make u get bored and give up. U have to repeat every thing for every one. Some help. Some rüde. But in end no result

Till now nö reply in Email explain why nö warranty. I musst pay 800 for repair( u can buy used fold 2 600 Euros now🐒🐒).

If i Dont pay 800. I must pay 33 Euro.

Check fees( complete nö respect)


If u want prove IT Has warranty u will find reason. 

And if u want See there is no warranty u will find. 


I feel Bad quality Display Material and body Material. Is? Game to force money out of costomers. 


Moved in the Samsung board, adjusted to forum rules. MS

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Hello sad-user,


unfortunately I can only agree with MasterScorp1982, the seller of the cell phone has hopefully registered it and can clarify it through Samsung. Samsung wants to repair the fold itself.

Best regards


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Thx for writing 


Vodafone and Samsung throw responsibilty on the other🤔🤔🤔 So u dont know who is responsible😢


Respect people and costomers is important, 🌷🌹

Vodafone wrote i have to answer them Till 4 August 2021 or they will Send fold2 back and i must pay 33€🤐🤐

they Dont answer My Emails. since yesterday i try call. i get answers( Sorry you should Talk with..). (Sorry i Dont know) and no solution. 


Im Sure IT must be repaired free aß its manufacture fault. 

Any suggest? 

they Dont answer emails and Vodafone Service is Just to get u bored. ( they keep u go in cyrcles) 


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"...You’ll stay protected beyond the standard warranty, with coverage for all accidental damage within 1 years...

*Samsung Care+ for Galaxy Z Fold2 requires a free registration within 30 days from the phone's purchase date."


Requirement met ? ... Especially from the first owner ? 

When you refer to the care programm - its Samsung's playground.

And that damage you describe doesnt sound like a manufactoring problem and i couldnt find something that matches with your description.




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I found alink to Page. When Samsung admited that hinge caused Display bleeding.


Sadly care + wasnt registered.

Help users more important than trying Not to help


I UNFOLD  My mobile  I recognised 1 line from up to down exactly in middle between the two screens( hunge connect both displays) .  that Black line Start spread in both screens

( this was fault in fold 1.and seems im Not lucky to have IT in fold 2)😔😔


Read What Samsung admit( they want put blame on me now) 🐒


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i recieved an Email from Vodafone repair saying My fold 2 cant be repair ed with warranty aß Case damaged🤪

My fold 2 is in good conditions.


They say back comera glass is cracked(🙄 its manufacture fault) they seu Samsung for it😂😂

Read this link


It Has 2 small dents( normal dayly used)😊


The Black ink in both Display? im Sure IT caused from the hinge between the 2 screens✌️


Hope Vodafone Not KEEP telling me go to samsung😭😭


Samsung says :if its bought from Vodafone. ITs Vodafone responsibilty

they asked me for 800 for repair🤪

This is excuse. Hope Vodafone solve IT.


Hope u replace My fold 2


Merged threads, pls follow the forum rules. MS

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Samsung Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.


1th aug2021


Dear sir/ma'am,


I wish to complain about my product Samsung fold 2 that was purchaced from Vodafone in 03th dec 2020


I am complaining about my mobile phone because the phone's screen suddenly stopped working and turned black months ago (22 june 2021) I got it examined through  Vodafone  replace service center and they informed me that my fold Has Case damage (🤐) which void warranty. they want charging me the amount of 800 euros . Even after asking several times about the reason of this sudden impact on my phone, without any external or internal damage by my side, they were not able to come up with any justifiable answer till now( there is 2 small dents( dayly use) . In order to receive something justifiable and acceptable I am writing it to you as a gentle reminder to work on my complaint as soon as possible. To resolve this problem I would like you to get my mobile phone's display done without any charge.


Also, I am reaching out to Vodafone associates since several weeks (through chats and calls) but again no resolution yet. I believe that this behaviour is unacceptable because customer’s complaint need to be heard asap specially by a renowned brand like Vodafone . never expected that my experience with Samsung fold 2 is going to be worst.


I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this issue, in a formal written statement. Considering the behavior of the staff till now, if I do not hear from you within 5 days 6-aug-2021  I will file complaint with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives. You can contact me at this email





Edit: @sad-user 

Please do not post personal information publicly.



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It is not helpful to have multiple threads on the same topic. You have already been told by the mod side that their hands are tied.
I am now attaching this post to your 1st post.

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