Gelegenheit S4 mini plus (i9195i)



Mein deutsch ist ein bisschen alt, so ich spreche weiter in Englisch (Entschuldingung).

I am french and I buy a second hand S4 mini (i9195i) in germany. It is "sim unlock".

I start using it in France and I observe that I can not get 4G(LTE) network : I check APN, check 4G(LTE) is activated in the phone, check my carrier cover my place.= everything seems OK... but the phone only succeed to get H+ network.

I contact my seller and he tells me that phone was used with vodafone (LTE band seems mainly 20). 

Then I observe that the phone try to connect to 4G(LTE) network but does not succeed. After more check I see the phone trying LTE band 20 : I do not know if it try other band...   Schade das ist genau was ich wissen wünsche...

So my question are : could the phone be "sim unlock" but still "vodafone-LTE lock" ? is there anything that I can do/check to understand the situation ? (not planed to come in germany so far but it could be a great test)

Does anyone as an idea ? or any track I can follow-up to fix my issue ?


Danke sehr für Ihren Antworten.




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Hello @BenCSL,


there was no SIM-Lock from Vodafone Germany for this model and LTE is not blocked by the providers for the phone itself anyway. LTE has to be part of your contract and it's tariff  to work. The LTE Band 20 is the 800 MHz frequency, the phone supports LTE 800, 850, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz (as far as I remember). You can try if it works, if another sim card is inserted into the phone.





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Ok, Danke sehr. Es ist gut zu hören. Ich versuche ein andere sim-kard (I will try with another carrier than mine)


(I am now afraid this could be a fault of SystemOnChip but it seems to me so strange that only 4G(LTE) does not work while evereything is working....)



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