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To whom it may concern

My husband is currently on sabbatical in Germany for four months and for that reason we had to buy 4 new prepaid sim cards. When we got to Vodafone they informed us that it costs 40 Euro per sim card to register or activate the cards. I checked at some other service providers as well, but they also said something about a registration fee. Three weeks later I read somewhere that they are not allowed to charge you to register your sim card. I am extremely upset by this and don't know what to do. For us, coming from South Africa, 160 Euro is A LOT of money to register 4 pre paid sim cards that we definitely don't have.
For foreigners coming to your country who don't know how things work, this is an utter abuse of power and cheating people coming from poorer countries out of their money. You trap people into paying money that is not necessary only because they don't know how the system works. 
I am EXTREMELY upset by what happened and would appreciate an answer from you on how I can recover 160 Euros. 
Thank you in advance
Marié-Louise Schreve
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Hi Marie,


the SIM Card is for free. In every store you can buy a SIM for 10 € which is the fee for a Data&Voice package of the first month. On the webpage of vodafone you can get the SIM for free, but than you have to TopUp the SIM after receiving.

In both cases their is no registration fee. The sales agent you spoke to is wrong and want to cheat you.

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