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Reactivate “lost” SIM card?


sorry about writing in English. It’s a lot easier for me. I hope that’s okay.


I bought a callya Sim card two weeks ago and it arrived Friday very late. I was supposed to get it a week earlier. But that’s no problem, these things happen. The problem is, however, that I rang Vodafone Friday late afternoon, and told them the Sim card hadn’t arrived yet. So the customer service agent decided to send me a new Sim card. Lo and behold the ”lost”  Sim card arrived after i finished my call. And when I tried to put the Sim card in it didn’t work. It just says no service. However when I look on the Vodafone website, it says that my Sim card is activated. I checked the Sim number and they do not match with my current Sim card and the activated one.






I believe the problem is that my new Sim card that is currently in the post is the activated one and the Sim card I thought was lost but now is in my phone has been deactivated. I really don’t want to wait for the Sim card in the post because it could take another week and I need my phone for obvious reasons, is there any way to reactivate this last Sim card that is in my phone and deactivate the new one that is coming?


I hope that makes sense?! 

thanks in advance.














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Hi @BigMal,


Thank you very much for your message. 🙂

In order to be able to help you with your request, we need further information from you. Please send us this information via one of the following contact channels.


Then we will work together to find a good solution for you.


Kind regards

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