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No response to my request for porting my phone number

Hi there,


I requested through to port my CallYa prepaid number from Vodafone to Telekon and received an SMS from Vodafone on 03.11.22 to send Dokument 233. I posted the form on 08.11.22 and since then there has been no response or confirmation from Vodafone regarding my request. Where should I follow up on my request?


Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

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Hi @Noderi,


How you sent the document to Vodafone? Via contact form? Normally you should get an SMS that you number is free now. Than you can order a new contract by your new provider.


Otherwise send a SMS with Opt-in to +49 172 2000229

Hi @Mav1976 


I sent the 233 document by post but did not receive confirmation.

I also tried using SMS service with +49 172 2000229, but it asks me about Kunden-Kenwort which I do not know. I checked my simcard package and there is also no information regarding the Kunden-Kenwort. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @Noderi,


When you don't know your customer password (Kundenkennwort), then you can ask for a new one. 

Fill out the  --> InfoDok 265 <-- and send that file to VF via contact form. For request the customer password at the contact form fill out a random one please. Then the form will send to VF.

It takes only 2-3 days and you should get an SMS.

Thank you very much!