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Internet funktioniert nicht mehr. Ich bekomme auch keine Nachrichten. Ich habe meine CallYa-Nummer a

I recently traveled outside of Germany and had an Esim installed in my phone. My CallYa card is a physical SIM card and on returning I tried to reinsert it and I have some problems. Although I can see the Vodafone network, I don't receive messages or can't call the number. The Internet doesn't work either.

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Hi @amathews, what CallYa plan du you use?
If the eSIM also from VF or from another provider? When from another provider, did you try to deactivate the eSIM profile first and then start your mobile phone with VF SIM-card?
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If you still have restrictions after @Mav1976's tips, feel free to contact us through one of the following channels:


Facebook service page at www.facebook.com/vodafoneDEservice

Twitter service page at www.vod.af/vfservice


Or via WhatsApp chat on 0172 2000 229

In order to do this, we need personal information from you.


Thanks very much @Mav1976


Greetings JeanH

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