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Can not complete the Online-Identifikation



I've recently ordered a contract and an e-sim thorugh the web site. In order to complete the proceedure, I need to complete the Online-Identifikation. However, the guy from WebID told me that I cannot do it because of my passport - they simply have no such option in the list of passports in their internal system. I have a biometric passport from Belarus. Is it possible for me at all to pass Online-Identifikation?


Should I somehow cancel my applications? Don't really want to be charged as already provided IBAN as part of the process.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @MaxKavalionak,


Unfortunately, you cannot carry out an online ID with your passport from Belarus.

You can buy your CallYa card directly at your local Vodafone shop and show the shop employee your passport.

If you want to order online - please select "in a post office" when identifying yourself. Then you will receive a coupon with which you can legitimise yourself at the post office.


Best regards,


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