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two years contract ended

hello there,


My two years of mobilfunk contract is over, and I would like to cancel my plan, and keep my number.

Is this possible?



thank you :-]

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Hi @Pelegrin,


I assume that you cancelled your mobile telephony contract within the termination period. 


When ends the contract exactly? 


You can convert the contract into CallYa without costs. Either about the customer care centre or about a button within your MeinVodafone account just before the contract ends. 

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Hey @Pelegrin,


Sorry to see you go. Smiley (traurig)

Is there any way I could help you and to convince you to stay with us?


Regarding your question:


That depends on the circumstances. What do you mean by 'keeping your number'? Are you considering switching to another provider and taking it with you? If so 'outporting' might be an option for you (E.g. taking your existing number to another provider).


Please send me a PM containing your phone number and your code word.

You can send me a PM by clicking my username to the left and click 'Sende eine private Nachricht' on the right side of the screen.


Kind regards,





#Stayhome & #BleibGesund
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