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transfer of office number



I have a phone from work.

I am leaving the company and would like to take the number with me to a new Vodafone contract. 

My company has allowed this.


How do i now transfer the number to a new private plan? 

Can i get a basic plans instead of the high cost business plan that the number is using right now. 

Can i take the number to some other provider ? 

All help will be appreciated. 



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2 Antworten 2

Hey ghazi,


both are possible. You can take over the phone number and remove it from the company pool or transfer it to another provider.


I like to take a closer look. Please send me a PM with the phone number. Then I'll tell you how best to do it.


Best regards


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Hi Norman, 


I tried sending you pm but have not heard back. 

Please do check the message, thank you in advance for the help. 



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