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Re: Wunschrufnummer geht immer noch nicht



Sorry I will use English because my german is not so good. Danke für Ihre Verständnis!

I have ordered a Red+ Tarif for my wife 4 or 5 weeks ago, I signed the contract at the Vodafone Shop, also I stood out very clear that we want to have a specific number at the beginning.


I get back after 2 weeks because there was nothing going on with the number changing. I got the information that the shop has some system failure because Vodafone is replacing software service and they don't know when it can be fixed (interesting for me), it could be 3 weeks or could be months. The staff suggested me to contact Hotline, so I contacted Hotline and the speaker suggested me to go to another Vodafone Shop in town to get this fixed.

I did it too and got the information from another store that it can be made only when I started the contract.


So I tried to contact Hotline again and then I thought I was lucky, this time he said that he would make it as an exception for me and I will get number for my wife changed, it will take some days in order to change the number. SInce then it is 2 weeks now,

I contacted Hotline again and got the information that nothing is going on with that number, there was no request to change that in the system. So I'm really lost by now. 

Could you please help me to check if I can change my number after waiting for several weeks till now?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello tinlam,


please accept my apologies that you have not been able to make the desired changes so far.


Changing your number is possible in principle, but unfortunately not to a specific number. The exchange costs 15 Euro.


Or do you want to bring a number from another provider?


Please help me and tell me what exactly you have in mind.


Kind regards



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Hi Susan,

Thank you very much for your reply, I know that this is not your fault, but I really disappointed with the service right now and for sure in the future I would move away from Vodafone whenever I can cancel the contract


I was promised in the Vodafone Shop that I would be able to choose the specific phone number at the time before signing the contract, I chose the number before signing the contract as well. There is a staff there who checks with me together for my desired phone number. He said that yes I can choose it, then insists me to sign the contract, after that notifying me that they have a problem with the system because of changing system application for the whole system, and he doesn't know when it will be finished, could be weeks or months (this is kind of a joke for me, every system update has a date or deadline, Vodafone is a big company as well). 

So, signing the contract is all he needs, keeping the word is not what he cares. I even tried to ask that guy again if I will be able to get the number after signing it for already 2 months. Of course, he said yes, sure. Now it turns out that it is not possible, the funny thing is that I contacted two staff on the Hotline service after that and both told me that I will get the number changed in few days, this can be checked again if you have recorded the service call. After that I received the call from the Complain Department that changing phone number after signing the contract is not possible. 

For sure I couldn't cancel the contract anymore even that I didn't get what I desire and need to use it for 2 years.

Anyway, complaining is enough, I guess. Everyone who is expat and reading this should consider using or not Vodafone, you already informed!


Best regards,

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