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Aktuelle Einschränkungen

  • BEHOBEN !!! MeinVodafone Einschränkungen beim Service Login MeinVodafone - SelfService - alle Dienste
  • Mobil Es kommt zu Verzögerungen bei der Auslieferung von SMS, überregional/SMS Benachrichtigungen der Mailbox sind auch betroffen.
  • Mobil Es kommt zu Einschränkungen bei der Erreichbarkeit im 2G/3G/4G Bereich, als Nachwirkung der Störung von gestern.
  • MeinVodafone im Web: Selfservice MeinVodafone im Web Registrierung/Hinzufügen von Verträgen.
  • Mobil: Aktuell kann es zu Einschränkungen, bei der Nutzung des Mobilen Hotspots bei iOS Geräten kommen.
  • Mobil: Bei Huawei Mifi Routern und Embedded Modulen, kann es zu falschen APN Einstellungen kommen. 

Nähere Infos dazu findest Du im Eilmeldungsboard.

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Vodafone Cellular Contract Cancellation Nightmare


Amazing, my favourite big company tacftic! The strong silence. First you read the complaint then try your best to placate. Didn't work? Try again. Didn't work? Ignore and hope they will go away.


 Excellent strategy! Can I suggest a new one? Train your staff correctly so people won't sign up to your services under false pretenses!


  I was lied to and sold a false product. I am still waiting for a response that will solve the problem.

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Hello @Dunnior


as multiple people have told you now, there is no way to cancel your contract due to you moving out of the country.

Considering this is a mobile contract you are still able to use it, even abroad.


The thing is, as much as we'd love to help you here. As per your contract, this is as much as we can do.


You are as obligated to reading your contract prior to signing it, as much as we are obligated to delivering what is written in there.


I'm sorry this isn't the answer nor the solution you were looking for.


Kind regards.


#Stayhome & #BleibGesund
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 I am just surprised it's legal to lie about what the contract can do just to get someone to sign it.


 Well played. I'll be sure in the future to do my best to link this thread, negatively review, and convince others to drop this service. I mean, of course, after their two year contract is up with a written letter stating you don't want to continue within three months of the termination of their contract.


 Amazing disservice and horrible company.

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