Tarifplan ohne meine Zustimmung geändert


I just realized that my tarif plan Callya 9cent was changed to Smartphone special without my consent.

Could somebody from Vodafone explained how it could come and how it could be fixed?  I didn't received any sms or email about this change.

Even more. Apparently I could contact you only over this community forum. Using your hotline is not an option. I'm not in Germany/EU at the moment and rouming charges are 6.70 Euro per minute.... 


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May it be that your tariff was originally the Smartphone Special and that you never topped up to a balance of more than 10 €? In that case, your tariff was inactive until you topped up to more than 10 € balance.

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Hello @angry_customer,


I like to see what's going on there.


Please send me your phone number via PM (left click on my name and then right on "Send this user a private message").


Thank you and best regards


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