Purchase and Activate two Pay As You Go SIM cards - USA tourists coming to Europe
Dear Mein Vodaphone HELP Desk,
My wife and I are traveling to Europe for 7 weeks starting 15 August. We are flying direct from the USA to Munich, Germany, and would like to already have our SIM cards prior to our departure so we can put them in our two iPhones (7 PLUS models) and activate them as soon as we land in Munich.  We have a very busy itinerary and would like to have our phones ready to use as soon as possible.  I have several questions:
1.  I did create a Mein Vodaphone account tonight.  I would like to know if our friends in Munich can go into a Vodaphone store and purchase our two SIMs with our names and credit card (added to our account) and then mail them to us?  
2.  What monthly plans can I choose?  In researching your website, it looks like the best plan for us is the "Pre-paid: tariff without contract" .... is that your version of "Pay As You Go (Payg) in the UK"?  The best one of those plans looks like the "Smartphone Allnet Flat with 4 GB data", and an extra 11 GB of data (15 GB total), with unlimited calling and texting in the EU 22.50 Euro for 4 weeks.  Is this a plan our friends could purchase for us?  How do we get the extra 11 GB?  Is this only over the internet? 
3. Another Option:  Can I order the two SIms now over the internet and have them shipped here to us in Virginia, USA? And then we activate them when we land in Germany?
4.  I will need 2 months coverage on both phones so (after 4 weeks) I will need to top off the plan for another 4 weeks... can I easily do that from our phones?  Or can I just add the $$ on my account at the start and the plan will automatically renew? I'm guessing both options are possible?
We did something similar to this in the UK with your Vodaphone SIMs in 2017 and it worked out great!
Thanks for all your help.
John Wheeler
Colonel, USAF (retired)


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Hello @jwheel11,

Unfortunately it is not possible to send CallYa cards to America.

I suggest that your German friends purchase the cards for you and register them in the name of your friends.

The 11GB promotion is only available for cards ordered online.The 11 GB will be provided automatically as soon as the cards have been loaded.

All information about CallYa tariffs can be found here:  

Best regards


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