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Partner card SIM does not have 4G and I cant access the account

Dear vodafone,


I received a partner card and a new iPhone but the SIM card is not working correctly.

It can call but there is no 4G or 5G. Other SIMs in the same iPhone has it.


Also, I can associate the account to my main account, my customer password from the main account does not work and if I try to add the account it says that the account is already associated but I can access the data.


I can only login on the new account via app with SMS code login but without the customer password I cant see my data


Can you help me?

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Hi @apmagalhaes,


I'm sorry about this issue.


To amend, you can write to


There, you will be serviced by an English speaking agent.


Have a nice Sunday afternoon Smiley (fröhlich)




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