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Ordered Red Internet & Phone 100 Cable: wrong tariff charged


Dear Team


11.01 I have ordered "Red Internet & Phone 100 Cable" package. I have successfully received phone Sim card and activated it, while information about the interent connection was never provided to me. I have called multiple numbers and could not connect to anyone who would provide me adequete information. On Wednesday 20/01 Unity Media consultant told me to accept someone on Satuarday. Today on Satuarday I started calling again verifying the time and after 2 hours I was connected to a lady who informed me that there is no possibiluty to connect cable to my house due to some changes in the house. She encouraged me to withdraw from the contract and I did becuase this is completely unproffessional from your side. 


Now, coming to the most importnat - I booked package terriff that cannot be performed from your side. I am being charged differently from my Order. Would be great if someone could explain what happens if you booked package that you cannot deliver? Overal I was supposed to pay 34.99 for both cable and phone but now 


Kind Regrads,


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34,99 is only the price for the Cable connection, not for the cable connection AND the mobile tariff plan!

Secondly: In case the landlord does not allow the installation of necessary equipment inside the house (even though the house might be connected to the Vodafone network itself), you cannot get an internet contract.


As this can only be checked out by technicians joining you, there's no way for Vodafone to distinguish between a building that has the necessary inhouse cabling, a building that doesn't have the cabling yet but where the owner allows upgrading/installing it and finally a building that is connected to the cable network but where the owner does not allow installing/upgrading the cables. They can only check if the house is connected to the network itself (so if there is a cable going to the ground floor) or if it isn't - as Vodafone isn't responsible for in-house wiring.

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