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New contract invoice problem

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I sigend a new contract on 20/Aug, and I received the 1st invoice yesterday.

There are some errors which don't match to the contract I signed. Can you help to have a look and clarify? 

Kundennummer# ********

- V-home by Vodafone 9.9Euro  --> I already applied Termination since 2019, why this item is still there?

- Ratenzahlung Hardware 15Euro--> ? This item was not in my contract

- RedXS 49.99Euro --> There is 10Euro Rabatt (from GigaKombi) in my contract, but it doesn't show in the invoice.

Pls help to check and correct them, thanks.


Best Regards

Karen Chen


EDIT: Kundennummer entfernt****

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Hey KarenC,

i'm glad that you've decided to sign a new contract with us.

We moderators don't havy any kind of access to the systems regarding our IOT-Services.
So please get in touch with our colleages from V directely. I'm sure that they can help you.

The "Ratenzahlung Hardware" gets charged at the top of your bill & adjusted on the bottom. You don't pay anything extra, the price for the mobilephone is included in your tariffs monthly price.

The Gigakombi needs to be booked manually . If you have an enabling fixed net contract (internet & Phone , either via dsl or cable) , please send me a private message with your customer & mobilenumber.
I'll book the gigacombi for you.


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