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Nationality issue


I ordered google pixel 5 from vodafone, i received it few days back , today the GLS person came and asked me to return the phone, Why? she was saying there was some nationality issue. This is not good from your side. There have been some mistakes in the form options. Vodafone order is ***. They already deducted 1st month price.


Community team: Removed order number

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GLS does not have to request any kind of returns once they delivered the item.

They can only refuse to deliver it if the personal details do not match to the ID you present.


Once the item is delivered, GLS is out of the process - as it's solely a contract between you and Vodafone. And I doubt Vodafone will ask GLS to collect any kind of item without noticing you first - moreover I doubt that a GLS driver will come up with that request without that you got any kind of information from Vodafone about that return request being sent to you.

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