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Einschränkung Mobile Telefonie und Daten 2G/3G/4G PLZ 0309x, 03205, 0322x, 03246, 1590x-1592x

Es kommt zu Einschränkungen bei der Mobilen Telefonie und Daten 2G/3G/4G im PLZ-Gebiet 0309x, 03205, 0322x, 03246, 1590x-1592x, Burg Spreew, Calau, Crinitz, Gollmitz, Laasow, Lübbenau, Terpt, Vetschau, Zinnitz.

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Hi, my name is Imre xxxxxx xxxx and one of your colleagues scammed me.When we were discussing the contract we agreed on a 40Euro/month contract.I never received the contract in my hands because ur colleague said the printer is faulty and he will send in post.I also paid 200 Euros for the phone and i didnt receive a receite of that either.I was never told about any tablets or anything that also on my contract... instead of 40 euros im bein charged for 140 a month...

Edit: Please dont post personal information in public. Thank you - moved the thread to the correct board. Best regards Andre

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Hi @bolondoska,

Who is signed the contract. Who is owner of the contract.
If you the owner and signed the contract, then I'm wondering why you don't have any documents.

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Im the owner the contract but just i signed on electronic...and he say cant give me contract because dont working printer...and will send with postal the contract 4 mounth ago i didnt see my contract...

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Hi, did you signed the contract in a VF shop? If so, then you would have insist to get the contract before you signed.

Maybe a moderator could take a look into your data. Please be patient because they don't 24/7 ready here in the forum.
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Hello @bolondoska,


maybe i can help you with this issue.

Please send me your phone number and customer password via PN.




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