Gigakombi discount not applied

Hello, I hope getting some support in English here.

I hired both Vodafone Handy and kabel in 2017, with the Gigakombi discount. It was shown in my handy invoice until October 2017. After that it dissapeared without me doing anything (I did not make any change to my handy or kabel contracts). As a result of this I have been charged more in my handy invoice (missing the 5€ discount) and my kabel one (I have been paying EuroFlat on my own) every month till March 2019. I got Gigakombi re-activated after visting a Vodafone shop, so March 2019 invoices (kabel & handy) show it again.

I would like to claim for the overcharges I have paid (both handy & kabel) as a result of Vodafone stopping Gigakombi discounts unilaterally.

Thank in advance.

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Hi Sunsetday,


welcome to the Vodafone Community.


Please let me check this.


For that you can send me a private message with your mobile number and password, your Kabel-customer-ID and the link to this thread here.





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