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[English] Start of service and getting charged without knowing

Dear team,


my name is Tri Tru Hang. 

To explain the background (please help be patient as there is another service mentioned also):


Back in September 2019 I had a contract with another Internet provider (name T) and one day, the Vodafone employees came to my flat and said the whole building is contracted mostly with Vodafone. They advised me to change to use Vodafone for house internet. Because the contract with the provider T was still ongoing for another 9 months and only after this time period could I get my deposit back, I refused to change to Vodafone. However, these guys said Vodafone will not charge for the service during those months I am stuck with provider T and will only start to charge after my contract with T is finished. They also gave me a phone card (number ending with 6529) and said that is free as well. So this card is the problem that I want to address here in this thread.


Only until recently that I found my account get debited every month for an amount of around 34.99 euro since November (one month after I started the contract with Vodafone).

For the first month when the contract with Vodafone started I was charged some 84.31 euro but do not understand what the purpose of this charge is and why it is so high. 


I have received always the invoices for cable Internet, but no invoice for the mobifunk thing from the given phone number. In the Paket Internet/Phone section on the cable internet invoices I received, the amount due is 0.00 and I have not received any other invoices. But still, I am getting charged 34.99 euro every month since beginning and additional 84.31 euro.


Why is it 34.99? Why not another price? Is it because I activated the card, the service was just automatically started? Why did the Vodafone guys who came to my flat tell me the service is free until my contract with provider T finishes, including the card? Or I misunderstood something? 

I activated the card back when I received it (around October-November) but did not use it until end of February when my old phone number SIM went missing. So I changed to use that phone number on the card given. However, I was still charged from beginning.


Could you help check please what the problem is or if it is something I misunderstood? 

I summarize the questions as follows:

1) From what I was told, do I actually get a free service, including the phone service (the card I was given) until my contract with provider T finishes? Or was it a misunderstanding? 

2) Why the amount on invoices is 0 but I am charged for 34.99 or even more each month? Why there is a reminder for the mobifunk number I am using but I have never received the invoices for this specific service?When did I actually start this thing? Is it something implicitly part of the house internet contract? I was asking for a house internet service at that time, but got also the card being told that it's free for use (???) 

3) Is there any mistake in your charges towards me? What is the 84.31 euro charged on 21. October in my account (screenshot in attachment)? 

4) Is it possible for me to cancel the service immediately? Since it is quite too expensive for me as a student to pay 35 euro per month, and some other house internet fees as well. I will probably unable to pay in the later months.....

5) Could you help check please if any of the amounts could be refunded to me, in case there have been some mistakes in charging me? It was a big amount for me and I have to pay both providers. Definitely I was not stupid to trigger something I have no idea of  and bear the cost each month. I thought Vodafone service would actually be free for me as I was told.


I am sorry for the very long message.

I tried to call 10 times today to Vodafone service center and sales team (with different numbers), but the problem is so complex to explain in English and understood by the Vodafone employees.

I hope you could help me. I need help urgently because I have ran out of money for payment in the next months, especially when corona thing prevents me from continuing my job to pay bills. I am a student now in Germany.


Thank you very much.



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Hello team,


I tried to call vodafone hotline again today and one of the colleagues who talked to me and checked against the Rufnummer said that the contract seems wrong for us. 

But he is not at the position to change or deal with this.

Could you please help check this out and support me? since this has taken a lot fo money from me....


Sorry to posting again but it does not mean to push.


Thank you.

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Hi Truhang,


I´ll check this for you if you send me a message with your mobile-number, the purpos of the debit entry and the link to this thread here.


Kind regards



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Hallo Heike, 


I have sent you a private message some minutes ago. Could you help check?

Thank you. 

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