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Einschränkung bei Telefonie & Daten im Raum München

Einschränkungen bei Mobilfunkdiensten.

Es gibt aktuell leider Störungen im Mobilfunkbereich unter 2G, 3G und 4G. (Region München, Dachau, Oberschleißheim, Unterföhring, Ismaning).


Nähere Informationen dazu findet ihr im Eilmeldungsboard.


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Current Tariff required

Dear Team

I need to know my current Tariff. I have just changed my Kabel to 1000M/B which should have included 10EUR discount. I have not made a new contract for my mobile for more than 2 years, however it appears on your system that I did. Which is simply not true. This must have been automated. I may need to reduce this tariff asap due to my current situation of the Corona Virus .

Please advice. I have a thread on the Kabel site but any mobile information needs to be asked here (apparently). My Kundennummer is xxxxxxxxxx.

Kind regards


Edit: @TrinBol Please do not post personal information publicly.


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Hi @TrinBol,


Can you tell us what kind (e.g. Red S, Red M etc.) of mobile phone contract you have? You can use the MeinVodafone app figuring out.

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